About me

I have been playing golf since the age of 8. Before that I was a figure skater, tennis player, dancer and a singer. I loved to perform but my dad had me try golf because he said I would be too tall and slow for any of those activities (eye roll). The rest is history…

I can’t express how grateful I am for all that the game of golf has given me. So many amazing experiences, challenges, places travelled to and most importantly, the people I have met along the way.

Growing up in Southern California I played all through junior golf starting out in VJGA and SCPGA tournaments eventually making it to the highest level, winning AJGA events and being picked for the Junior Solheim Cup Team. I played on my high school boys golf team and won the League Championship, twice. I then went on to play at UCLA and was a three time All-American there. I was a quarterfinalist at a couple USGA events and I am the 2010 Canadian Amateur Champion. I represented the USA in the USA vs Japan matches in Tokyo.

After I graduated from UCLA with a BA in History, I went on to compete on the LPGA Symetra Tour in 2011. I had back to back wins at the end of the season including the Tour Championship to finish 4th on the money list and earning my LPGA Tour Card!

Since 2012 I have played on the LPGA Tour. Living my dream, traveling the world on the biggest stage, living what I worked for my whole life, is something so special!

in January 2017 I suffered a back injury that sidelined me for a few months. During that time I found out that I was pregnant (cue tears of joy.) Going back out on tour after the injury and now with a baby on board, I re injured it even worse during a practice round in the Spring. Doctors agreed that I needed to take the season off. I had my beautiful daughter November 14, 2017, by far my greatest achievement in life.

In 2018 I went back out on tour with my baby girl Isla. To say it was easy is a lie. My husband was not able to travel with me, babying my injury, keeping up my game AND traveling with a newborn isn’t necessarily a great combo, but we did it and I have so much to share with all I have experienced. This last year I experienced some highs and some real lows and I want to share everything because I want to inspire and give hope to everyone I can.

Thank you for visiting and for joining me on this journey!!