How To Practice Like a Pro

How To Practice Like a Pro

For my very first blog post I wanted to write about how to practice. A lot of golfers have the right intentions but they’re not getting the most out of their practice. Now if you’re looking for someone to tell you that you need to practice 8 hours a day to get better… this is not the place for you. I’ve always kind of marched to my own beat and done things a little bit unconventional, but I’m a 100 percent believer in QUALITY over quantity. I used to love it when people would come brag to me how they had been at the course or the range for 6 hours already and I would get my practice done in 2 hours or less and I 100 percent know that my practice was more efficient than theirs. Why or How? Because we as humans can’t focus for 6 hours straight. Thats ridiculous and quite frankly, boring. So why are you wasting your time when you can get what you need to get done in a shorter time period with 100 percent focus on what you’re doing for better results? (sometimes in as little as 30 mins) Also, if you don’t have that kind of time to dedicate 6 hours a day to practice, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve!! Quite the opposite.

1.) Come up with a Practice Plan BEFORE you head to the course.

Don’t ever just go out there and wing it. Have a plan for what part of your game needs to be worked on and how you’re going to achieve that for the day. Need to work on putting? Have a plan. Find a drill that works for you, spend 30 minutes on that drill until you feel like you have it down. Then move on to dynamic practice. Start hitting lag putts, play a game of 9 holes with yourself. Practice actual putting, don’t practice “practicing.” Know exactly what you feel you need to do that day to get better before you get there so you’re not wasting time and guessing.

2.) The Minute you start to lose focus, Move on to something else or Finish for the day.

The minute your mind starts to wander off or you’re losing focus, move on to something else. Is putting all you wanted to work on? Go spend 10 minutes hitting a few quality shots on the range, 10 minutes with some short game, then come back and finish your putting plan, then leave. I always felt like if I got to the point where I didn’t want to be there anymore, I would leave or go take a break for a while. In my opinion any time spent where you’re not 100 percent focused and excited about what you’re doing is counterproductive and a waste of time.

3.) Don’t sit there on the range and just pound balls

This drives me nuts. If you’re working on something SPECIFIC with your swing and need reps… fine. But standing there and just pounding balls with no intention is literally doing nothing. Have a plan, have a purpose for each shot. Pick your target, work on your alignment. Practice golf, don’t practice to hit range balls. You’re not impressing anyone standing there hitting ball after ball for no reason. Want to get better and impress people? Go practice your short game.

4.) Short Game. Period.

Like I just said, want to impress people and improve your game? I promise you if you go out and spend 1 hour a day of practice on just your short game, you will get better. If you have an hour to practice, hit balls on the range for 15 minutes and then go chip and putt. This is the only part of the game that you can spend an unlimited amount of time doing and you’re not wasting your time. And it ‘s fun! Get creative. Throw balls into different spots, try different shots, try different clubs. DO NOT stand in one place and hit the same shot over and over again, that drives me nuts too. Don’t drive me nuts anymore please! ;-)


Period. :)

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