How to Travel like a Seasoned Pro

How to Travel like a Seasoned Pro

I have been traveling for golf since the age of about 13 and playing professional golf for 7 years on the LPGA (we travel overseas… a lot) so you can do the math with how many hours I’ve logged on a plane! This past year I traveled mostly on my own with my infant daughter in tow which was a whole other ball of wax, so I consider myself a professional traveler.

Traveling is stressful, inconvenient, annoying and exhausting (at least thats how I feel about it.) So here are a few of my favorite tips I have learned over the years on the road to save you some stress:

1.) Invest in a good suitcase/ golf travel bag.

Even though it may be a little pricier, it will be so worth it when it rolls effortlessly through the terminal, fits everything you need in it, doesn’t break in the middle of the airport (yes that happened to me) and will be super durable. The travel case for my clubs I have been using has pop up wheels on it, so it glides effortlessly and then I’m not sweating profusely just trying to get all of my shit to the rental car center. Save yourself a headache and get the nicer one!

2.) Condense your carry-ons

I see so many passengers (especially parents with kiddos) trying to juggle 27 different things and trying to make their way to their seat hitting everyone in the face as they walk by and this gives me anxiety just talking about it. Condense your carry-ons! Preferably in a larger bag that will still fit under the seat and can zip up. This will make your life so much easier. And again, invest in something durable, not flimsy.

What if you need more bags for stuff when you get to your destination?? (Parents) I travel with ONE bag on the plane with everything I needed for Isla. I combine my purse/carryon needs/diaper bag into ONE bag. Then, I pack a foldable/condensable bag that will fit inside my big bag and when I get to my destination…. I take out my folded up little bag or two and now I have a diaper bag again. Voila.

Plus, it will make going thru security a breeze. Don’t even get me started on security line pet peeves!

3.) Try to stick with one airline and get their credit card

One word: UPGRADES. Just think… YOU could be in the front of the plane in First Class silently judging everyone that walks back to Coach feeling awesome. (Seriously though why do people do this?! I experience this like every time and Im totally not guilty of it….)

Also, most credit cards give you flight credits or miles for every dollar spent on everyday purchases. I have gotten so many miscellaneous flights for free off of my miles I have garnered on my credit card and sticking to one airline. Its also nice to get priority boarding and perks like a free adult beverage on the plane (or three.)

4.) Bring Healthy Snacks & Hydrate

Unless you’re secretly looking for an excuse to eat junk food in the airport, bring some snacks on the plane with you so you don’t get hangry. You never know when there will be a delay and you have to sit on the runway for 45 minutes before you take off or they have to re route you due to a storm. And spoiler alert: food isn’t free (or cheap) on the plane. Also flying is super dehydrating so make sure you drink a lot (of water.) ;-)

5.) Pack a little Toiletries kit in your carry-on

I always do this in case my checked luggage doesn’t make it (which will inevitably happen.) It’s also just nice to have a little something to freshen up especially if I have a function to go to right after I land. Just bring the essentials or what your favorite things are. I love bringing facial wipes, deodorant, toothbrush, make-up. I’ll share some of my favorite essentials on another Blog post.

Happy Traveling :)

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