Product Review: TaylorMade M6 Driver & Gapr | Interview with TaylorMade Tour Rep Glenn Muncrief

**All Views are My Own

I have personally used TaylorMade products for over 10 years and their driver and woods have always been in my opinion the best in the industry. The driver has been solid throughout the years including my personal favorite, the 3 wood (RocketBallz for the effing WIN! right?) Like, there hasn’t been one time testing their clubs where I’m saying, “Ew, No…..” And there is no exception to the M6. I’m also a super visual person so I feel more confident over a shot when I look down and the club is visually pleasing to my eye, so I just love how they look. The Twist Face Technology I can honestly say is amazingly forgiving. Tried and Tested in tournaments… HANDS DOWN noticeable.. There are times in events when at impact I’m like “Son of a Bitch that is in the hay” to only look up and be like “OMG its just right fairway… whew! Thanks TM.” I would definitely recommend getting your hands on one of these bad boys.

And then God created hybrids and gaprs. Am I right?! These have saved my ass more times that I can count and if you don’t have any then you need them in your life, now. One of the best feelings in the world is when you absolutely rip a fairway wood or hybrid and it feels like butter, liquid gold and fire just had a baby in your hands as you watch your ball soar through the air… This is honestly the feeling I had when I first hit the new gaprs. Just trust me and go try it for yourself.

As an extra treat for you guys, I have sat down with TaylorMade Tour Representative Glenn Muncrief (I also happen to know him a little bit personally which is cool) to explain some of the stuff I can’t explain about the technology and insight. Here is our Convo:

SM: Glenn, thanks for joining us! How long have you been with TaylorMade so we all know you are legit and not full of it?

Glenn: My first year on tour (building and driving TaylorMade Tour van) 2003, but started working for TM in 2001.

SM: Ok, Thats a long time you must be old. What is your experience working on Tour?

Glenn: I have covered all major Tours including: PGA,LPGA,Web,Champions Tour, AJGA, and College. Starting my 17th year working on Tour with the best players at each level is simply amazing. The game has changed so much during my 17 years, its amazing and that is an entire seperate conversation and would be happy to dive into that next time.

SM: That is super cool and would be awesome to pick your brain and hear about your experiences working with Tour Players! Can you explain to us why the M6 is superior technology?

Glenn: Lots of great innovation in the new M5 and M6 family, but we will focus on the M6 as this was the driver that fit you best. M6 has a huge MOI (sweetspot) along with Twist Face makes this driver simply incredibly forgiving and by far the straightest driver on the market. They have designed each driver past the USGA regulated COR (speed limit) and therefore need to inject each face to bring the speed down to conform with the USGA. This process allows all TM drivers to walk the fine line in speed but keeps the USGA happy.

SM: Wow so basically TM drivers are the closest you can get to non conforming speed. That should impress buyers. How did the Gapr come about for you guys?

Glenn: The name says it all, it's designed to fill the gap between woods and irons.

SM: What’s the best part, in your opinion, about TaylorMade equipment as a whole?

Glenn: We have the most complete bag, period! From driver to ball and everything between is outstanding.

SM: Ok one question just for fun, Who is the funniest player you have worked with?

Glenn: Its a toss up between Chris Riley and Maria Jose Uribe!! Chris has a great sense of humor and Maria is the queen of giving me a hard time and its refreshing.

Me: Thats awesome, Im sure Pro’s in the trailer are boat loads of fun! (ahem…. LOL) Thank you Glenn from TaylorMade!!