Beach Please.. Do this in the Bunker, Not that!

Bunkers and I have had a love/hate relationship. There was a point in my golf career where I was literally just happy to get the ball out of the bunker. I eventually got to a point where I made it my goal to be the best bunker player on Tour and I was damn near close. If you have the chunks, blades, shanks and everything else in between when it comes to bunker play… let me make your life a little bit easier. Here are some of my simple Do’s and Don’ts for “The Beach.”

1.) DON’T use one club for every shot. I stress this a lot in my other vlogs and blogs. Be Creative.

DO assess the golf shot and pick your club accordingly. To make it easier, use the 5 yard rule. If your shot is 5 yards or less, use a 60 degree or Lob wedge. 5 to 10 yards, 56 degree or SW. 10-15 yards ,Gap Wedge or PW. 15-20 Yards, PW or 9 iron and so on… If you have a 30-60 yard bunker shot, congratulations you hit it in the worst spot possible and you’re now SOL (Just Kidding, I can go over those shots another time.)

2.) DON’T make a short back swing, you are making life sooo much more difficult.

DO make your back swing longer than you think. Your back swing should go at least to your waist line. In order to get out of a bunker successfully you need speed. Having a short back swing and trying to make up that speed on the way down is a disaster. Take it back far enough so you can descend with some speed and get that ball outta there.

3.) DON’T keep your club face and stance square/closed.

DO Open that sh*t up!!. Again the magic potion for getting out of a bunker is speed. If your club face and stance are closed and you swing hard at it, it’s not going to come out nice and high for you. You need to open up your stance and open that club face up. If you do both of these and don’t feel like you have enough power to get out, club up. Also without getting into too much detail, move the ball a little bit up in your stance.

4.) DON’T expect to be a good bunker player over night when you never practice.

DO Practice your bunkers! Don’t just stand on the range and hit balls. I will share some good bunker drills on a video, but let me share one with you. A pro showed me this a long time ago when I was a little girl and it couldn’t be more helpful. Set a ball down in the bunker and draw a football shape around the ball, now when you go to hit it, make the football disappear.

Happy Bunker Practice :-)

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