Sun & Skin: My 10 Commandments for Healthy Skin

Sun & Skin: My 10 Commandments for Healthy Skin

Golf= Sun and a lot of it. I have always been a little bit of a freak about my skin because A.) My family has a history of skin cancer B.) I don’t want wrinkly skin C.) I don’t want wrinkly skin and D.) I don’t want wrinkly skin. Now at the ripe old age of 30, I have logged some serious hours in the sun by now, but I would say my skin is doing fairly well considering. No, I have not had any Botox or any expensive peels. I do believe in preventative practices but not saying I won’t indulge in Botox I’m sure at one point in my life ;-) Here are some of my tips for how to keep healthy good skin even if you love being in the sun. Click on the names of my favorite products to check them out :)

1.) You’re never too young to start protecting your skin and ain’t that the truth. Kiddos should start wearing sun screen ASAP. As golfers we spend a lot of time in the sun from a very young age and if you start wearing a good sunscreen from an early age, your adult self will thank you. I promise. I apply before I go to the course and re apply again about half way through my round. I still get a tan too, golf tan lines to prove it.

I like Neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch SPF 100 for my face and ears. It isn’t runny so it doesn’t get in my eyes when I am on the course and sweating.

For the rest of my body (don’t forget the top of your hands!!) I like Sun Bum SPF 50 Spray. It’s all natural which i love and it smells divine. when Isla started coming to the course with me, i wanted to wear an all natural sun screen so when i picked her up to hold her, i wasn’t getting chemicals all over her baby skin!


But seriously, If you got a little bit too much sun one day and it’s looking a little pink or red… lather it up. Or lather it up daily, I like to!

I really like S.W Basics ALoe vera It is 100 percent pure organic

3.) If you wear visors (like me) Don’t forget to put that sunscreen on the parts of your scalp that are exposed. A good sunburn on your scalp really feels awesome.

again i like the neutrogena dry touch for this because it is not oily, so great for face, hands and scalp.

4.) Speaking of visors and hats. WEAR ONE. I know you think you look hotter without it, but when you’re old and wrinkly no one will be thinking that anymore. Rock that hat/visor!

My fav visor is the Pukka visor. The brim is really wide so I feel like I am getting a lot of coverage. Sometimes I will go full on granny mode and do the massive visors that cover my entire face.

5.) Shades. Another good thing to invest in. Protect those eyes and the delicate little skin around them. Plus I like to wear them to read putts because it takes any glare out on the green (helpful when reading grain.) When you are out on the course for 5 hours in the sun, you need your eyes to stay in good shape! So take care of them. If you don’t like to hit in shade(I don’t honestly) then pop them up on your head before you start your pre-shot routine.

My faves are oakleys. I have literally had the same pair since 2013 and im not only shocked that i haven’t lost them by now, im shocked that they have endured INTERCONTINENTAL travel and wear and tear.i linked similar ones up for you. I just got a couple new oakleys to try that i am excited about.

6.) Sunbrella. Best thing you’ll ever buy. Literally it feels 10 degrees cooler when you’re under it. A lot of the girls have started using these on tour, me included. Like I said before, when you’re out there grinding for 5-6 hours in the hot sun, conserving your energy is priority number one. You want to be in your best shape possible all the way through the round and also give your skin a break too.

a lot of the golf companies are making these now but i like the Taylormade one because it is so light weight. Unfortunately i couldn’t find a link for it but I’m sure you could contact your local rep to order one.

7.) Don’t forget to protect your pout! No one likes lizard lips. No one.

make sure to grab some lip balm with spf in it. i like sun bum LIP BALM

8.) Collagen Supplements

I’m currently new to this trend but it makes soooo much sense. Since I have started my health journey I am such a believer that healing begins from the inside, including your skin. Whatever we are ingesting as nourishment, every organ and cell is using that to produce and our skin is our biggest organ after all! Ingest well!

Im trying vital proteins collagen supplement currently.

9.) Protect your Hair. Ladies I am mostly talking to you. Especially if you color your hair, grab some sun protecting spray to spray on your hair and keep it well conditioned. It can really get dried out and nasty if you neglect it!

sun bum 3 in 1 leave in conditioner

10.) Last but not least and the most important Commandment of them all… Go to your yearly Skin Cancer Checks! No exceptions!

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