Golf Course Etiquette for Beginners & Everyone Else That Doesn't Know What the F is Going On

Playing golf for 22 years, I have seen a thing or two on the golf course. In fact, there probably isn’t much that I haven’t seen, heard or done in or around a golf facility. Here is a list of things I have compiled that are no-no’s or just things that are highly frowned upon by people that do know what the F they are doing. You’re Welcome for helping you not be “that” guy or gal on the links ;-)

**In no particular order of importance

1.) People that show up in jeans. NO. NEVER. Don’t show up in jeans, bro. If you don’t have anything else other than jeans then go buy something or wear shorts or literally ANYTHING else but denim. It’s trashy and screams “I’m a beginner, I look like an asshole and I will probably be drunk and flip my cart at some point during my round.”

2.) Don’t blast your music on your cart speaker on the driving range. C’mon man. First, what makes you think everyone has the same taste in music and wants to listen to yours? Second, no one is that cool and I mean literally no one could pull this off and have it seem sociably accepatable. Third, it’s just rude and you’re clearly screaming for attention, so just stop. On the course.. blast away. Sincerely, everyone on the range.

3.) Don’t step in people’s lines on the green. It’s just an etiquette thing and your playing partners will FOR SURE have more respect for you if you show some respect for their line. Veteran move.

4.) If a group is waiting on the tee and you’re taking your sweet ass time chit chatting or looking for your 3rd lost ball on that hole… pick up and move on. No one in your group wants to watch you card a 12 and the people behind you don’t either. Unless its the US Open, PICK UP. This also applies to people playing a scramble, if you’re out of the hole, PICK UP.

5.) This is a hard one, I get it, but if you’re just beginning or you never play, try not to get too upset that you’re not hitting the driver like DJ and putting like Rickie or InBee Park. Nothing is worse than playing with someone who isn’t good enough to actually be pissed off and then have a dark cloud start suddenly following your group. You’re out golfing with your friends. RELAX, have fun. You’re not good enough to get mad and no one likes to play with Debbie Downer.

6.) Guys, if a girl outdrives you or is beating you… Put a Ring On it. Don’t be an a-hole about it or I will personally come and make fun of you. Be man enough to recognize a Bad Ass woman. ;-)

7.) Play from the tees that are best suited to your playing level. It does not make you a lesser man or woman if you play from shorter tees. MAD respect for people who recognize this and own it. Nothing worse than playing with someone who “plays the tips” and has no business being there and then shoot 100.

8.) Rake your Bunker. Another Etiquette thing. Nothing is worse than winding up in a foot print because some jack ass decided they were too good to rake the bunker. Also, what goes around comes around, especially in Golf! KARMA.

Happy Golfing ;-)

Sydnee Michaels