My Warm Up Routine

My Warm Up Routine

I know this will be difficult to do without pictures but I shall do my best. My mindset for a warm up is just that… it’s a “warm up.” I’m not out there to practice, Im out there to warm up my brain and my muscles. If you haven’t “found it” by the time you get to the course to warm up for your tee time, you might as well just head to the bar because honey, you sure as hell ain’t gonna find it on the course!

Lets pretend I have an 8:00 AM Tee Time..

5:30 Wake Up

6:00 Get to the Course (If it’s a morning tee time I get ready super fast so I can sleep as long as possible. This usually means I have everything laid out the night before)

6:10 Go into the Fitness Trailer to get my hip flexors released by one of our trainers and get my back and hips taped up. I will then do my little warm up routine in the trailer which I will demonstrate at a different time. The goal is to warm up or engage and stretch my muscles.

6:30 Breakfast. I schedule in 30 mins to eat so I can sit and relax and let my food settle. I hate going out to play when I am super full!

7:00 I start my warm up

  1. I like to putt first. I think it just gets my brain and my hands warmed up. Plus I want my muscles to be as warm as possible when I tee off so I like to hit balls last. I will putt for about 15 mins. First I start with a drill that I am doing. Recently I have been loving the good ol’ string tied to two pencils. I will do this for about 5 minutes, engraining my stroke and ensuring my set up is perfect. For the next 10 minutes I do some lag putts for speed and then I end with five to 10 footers, going through my whole pre shot routine and practicing “making putts.”

  2. After putting, I will hit a few chip shots just so I can get the feel of that going on.

  3. Time to head to the range. I make a couple practice swings with two clubs (so its weighted) and make sure I’m nice and stretched out before I even hit a ball. I start out with a 56 degree wedge (Sandwedge) and I start hitting some half swings or pitch shots. I’m just getting warm and again hitting every shot with a purpose, engraining whatever my swing thoughts are. I also always hit balls with a club down by my feet for alignment.

  4. I then start working through my bag. I am an odd number person for whatever reason so I hit my 9 iron, 7 and then 5 iron. After that I move to my hybrids and 3 wood. I literally hit max 5 balls each for the longer clubs. I then move on to my driver. For the driver I go through my whole pre shot routine for each shot and visualize holes on the course. I never just go out there and pound balls with no purpose.

  5. I end my range sesh with a few more wedge shots, like a 100 yard shot. Focusing on a target. My total range time is around 20 minutes.

  6. I head back to the putting green and mark up my golf balls. I then hit a couple more putts going through my routine. At about 10 minutes before my tee time I head over to the tee, get my scorecard, snacks in order and take a breather before tee time :)

8:00 Tee Time

I know that this would be a little intense for a weekend warrior, but the important thing to remember is to warm up not only your body, but your mind. Have a purpose for everything you are doing! And do “Warm-Up”, don’t over think things and “Practice.” ;-)

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