Playing 18 Holes & Dating: Why a Round of Golf tells you everything you need to know

Playing 18 Holes & Dating: Why a Round of Golf tells you everything you need to know

the game of GOLf is such a parallel to real life. It is like this magical crystal ball where it can tell you everything you need to know about a person. So far I am basically 100 percent for using the golf method for finding out who someone really is. Golf brings out so many emotions and therefore it is pretty much impossible to hide things about yourself. I have never made a final decision on dating someone until I played a round of golf with them and Here are some examples of why you shouldn’t either.

1.) Are they generous or stingy?

This can be used in so many scenarios. Even starting with before you even tee off. Does he offer to carry your clubs? Does he go to the snack bar and just buy snacks for himself? Once on the course, does he tip the cart girl? Does he bring music and just play his jams? On the flip side fellas, is she a diva and expects you to carry all of her stuff? Is she demanding? Does she complain? So many observational options!

2.) Cart Driving Skills

This is a big one for me because there is nothing unsexier about a guy who sucks at driving. And that includes golf carts. Slow drivers, guys who dont use common sense where to park the cart… etc. Do they follow the cart signs? If they don’t they’re a little bit of a rule breaker and make their own rules, if they do then they’re a little more conservative. Do they keep the cart clean or is it super messy with trash and all of their gear? See what I mean?

3.) Control Freak?

Who is the first to drive the cart? Do they insist on driving? Do they keep telling you how to drive the cart if they’re not driving? Are they the ones who have to be in charge of the scorecard? Now I realize this can go on a spectrum, just because a guy or gal likes to be in charge of the scorecard doesn’t mean they are a control freak, maybe they just enjoy taking initiative. But for arguments sake, we are just dealing with the extremes here.

4.) Cheating

This is the biggest tell tale of them all and one of the many reasons why Golf is such a great game. Golf forces people to have integrity and if you have a lack of, you will be outed eventually. Are they honest? In my opinion if they’re not afraid to be a big fat cheater or lie on the course then they probably won’t think much of being a big fat cheater and lie in life.

5.) Temper

Another big one for me is Tempers. I have exed out a few dudes due to this rule, especially being a woman! Once I saw a guy get mad, pout or throw a temper tantrum if he wasn’t “playing well” or I was beating him, SEE YA! One time I let this rule slide for a guy and I totally regretted it (#noregrets). If you’re out for a friendly match with someone of personal interest and you get really pissy and feel sorry for yourself, what else are you going to get pissy about in life that isn’t that important? And trust me, it’s not impressive or showing how much you “care,” it means you have issues and need to check yo self. Being competitive and having a friendly competition is awesome and fun, turning into an asshole is a huge red flag!

6.) Are they Aggressive or Passive?

Typically our style of play shows a little bit of insight into our soul. Are you overly aggressive or reckless on the course? Do you play pretty conservatively? Are you calculated and strategic? Do you get stressed easily? Do you give up quickly or are you a fighter? All of these things parallel so much to how you are in real life. So many things!!!

Honestly I could go on and on, but these were my top examples. So in summary, golf=life. Maybe next time you will think about your on course actions next time you hit the links ;-)

What do you think?

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