FORE Left & FORE Right Vol. 1

FORE Left & FORE Right Vol. 1

This past week I was able to help with a clinic working with an array of different golfers from all different levels. Being on Tour we don’t have a ton of experience teaching, but it actually was quite simple to see what each golfer struggled with and that it was actually something quite simple (such as a better set up) that made a world of difference. People are usually surprised how simple some fixes are and that it is not that complicated. This inspired me to start writing down some simple things that could make a world of difference in YOUR game.

FORE Left:

Ahh the classic hook. I have a special relationship with this shot as this was my “miss” for many of years. A hook or a pull comes from many different things but they all have one thing in common: including but not limited to coming too far underneath and/or over rotating the club at impact. Here are some things to try if you struggle with the snap.

Check the Size of your Grip.

This is an easy fix that many golfers may have not thought of yet. If your grip size is too small, your hands are going to over rotate or flip at impact enhancing your chances for a pull.

Slap-Shot Drill

This I used for many years. The drill is exactly like it sounds. Grip your club like a hockey stick and hit me some slap shots. This drill is going to help you work the club more on plane instead of underneath the plane.

Check Your Lie Angle

Another easy fix that doesn’t require a lesson. If your lie angle in too up right, you will have a tendency to pull your shots. You can easily check this by putting a piece of masking tape at the bottom of your club and hitting a few shots off of a mat or a hard surface. If the mark is closer to the toe… your clubs are too upright for you. The mark should be in the middle of the club face. Take your clubs to your local golf shop and they can easily bend them for you.

FORE Right

The dreaded Block. Even though for the majority of my career my miss was a snap hook, The block right I am not going to lie drives me NUTS. Like, I can handle a hook here and there, its basically a part of my DNA now. But when I started working on my swing and started hitting blocks to the right… EW. Here are some things to try for the Blocks or Slice.

Think Baseball: Hit it to Right Field and then Turn it Over

This one is a a good swing thought especially for you guys that like to work out and are rather large. Golf is very paradoxical and if you’re coming over the top, you probably hit some sort of a slice. So the swing thought of hitting it to “right field” is going to encourage coming a little bit more underneath and then that way it will be easier for you to turn it over :)

Check Lie Angle

Just like for the hooks, checking your lie angle is easy and free. Put some masking tape on the bottom of your club and hit some shots off a mat or hard surface. If the mark is closer to the heel, your clubs are too flat which encourages missing it right. The mark should be in the center of the club face. Take your clubs to the local golf shop and they can bend them for you.

Last but not least… Check the Flex in your shafts

Unless you’re a DJ or a Cameron Champ, you do not need a TX flex in your shaft. If the flex in your shaft is too stiff, then you’re going to hit it right and have a hard time turning the ball over. We promise we won’t make fun of you if you switch it out to an S flex :)

I hope these simple tips help! I will keep sharing more and more of these little tips so stay tuned.

Happy Golfing!

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